Sea Swell

Sea Swell

This  was a (tiny) first attempt at using a palette knife instead of brushes and I like it because I think it succeeds in capturing the feel of being out on the sea.  At any rate, it makes me feel cold and a bit queasy!  Some have wondered how I knew how to paint this as they know I get motion-sick very easily.  Done from memory from occasionally (unwisely) relenting and getting into a boat with my sailor husband!

Acrylic on canvas board, 26 x 20cm, 2009.  Sold.

Bee’s Eye View

Bees' Eye View

Inspired from when I was little and lay on my back in Pennsylvania fields of long grass in the summertime with my big brother, chewing a long piece of grass, cloud-watching and listening to the buzz of insects all around…..

Mixed media, 41 x 56cm, 2011.


Available as an open edition Artist Quality Giclee Print. Please enquire for more details.