Not at all what the river is looking like at the moment!  The river has spilled over into the field turning it into a lake, and is nearly over the top of the bridge; the sheep are definitely not grazing. This though is a favourite spot, peaceful and empty of visitors  a lot of the time, but in better weather sometimes a busy-ish  junction for walkers, dog-walkers, kids (and dogs) paddling, picnickers, a horse now and then, cyclists. And the occasional artist.

Oil on canvas, 76 x 60cm, 2012.


Available as an open edition Artist Quality Giclee Print. Image 260 x 355mm. Please enquire.

4 thoughts on “Bridge

  1. I absolutely love this. Beautiful bridge and sheep. Wow, that water is convincing! I love the reflection of the bridge in particular, and the shape of the willow behind the bridge.

    • Hello Ayisha – thanks for your lovely comments! Hard work this one; got stuck and put it aside at one point for quite a while. Glad I stuck to it in the end and finished it, as I’m pleased with the results. (And come stand on the bridge sometime!)

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