Early Morning Common

Early Morning Common

One more for you to see before June is out…this belongs to my sister and is a local area that comes up in a number of my paintings.

Oil on canvas, 36 x 46cm, 2008



Cotswold Views

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Hurrah! I am very pleased to say, you can see these, up close and in person at SOTA Gallery in Witney, Oxfordshire where they are available to buy!

Acrylic on board, 21 x 29cm, 2015




Sunny Blues

Sunny Blues

Something  more recent and different: a collage. I can’t remember the last time I did a collage…could be when I was in primary school. No, wait, I think it was when I did a short course at college in the States on teaching art to children. This is mostly white tissue paper painted and torn and a couple other papers, on board, framed behind glass.

Collage, 23 x 31cm, 2014

Available to buy