Hello! Here’s a bit about me….I am an artist/creative and for the past fifteen years or so, I have been an oil and acrylic painter primarily, with forays into watercolour, drawing and mixed media. What I produce is mostly representational and from nature.  Lately, though I have been focusing on more craft-oriented and decorative leanings in the form of colourful paper birds, framed gesso paintings on slate and painted pebble pendants and earrings to name a few.

I live in a lovely village on the edge of the Cotswolds in Oxfordshire with numerous walks from my front door of which I take full advantage for inspiration and I make use of our holidays to the Southwest of England, and elsewhere, to collect my pebbles.

I work from home moving around the house according to light and what I’m doing; frame-making and painting in the conservatory and out of doors, books, paper birds and pendants at the dining room table.  Some work is done at times in front of the computer, and of course, there’s the great outdoors!

I hope you enjoy what I’ve made – thanks for stopping to look!


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