Eye on Me, Morning Egg, Single-minded

Chicken theme trio 2

I thought these needed to be seen together and with frames.  A new way of doing things; board on painted board, framed, with no glass for a slightly rustic feel to go with the subject.  I might do some more.


‘Eye on Me’


‘Morning Egg’



Acrylic on board, mounted on painted board. Framed (no glass).  Each image is 17.5 x 14cm

‘Eye on me’ sold

‘Single-minded’ available

‘Morning Egg’ sold

Willow by Moonlight


Slate Drawing…(no picture of it framed).  These slate drawings are evocative – they develop from what the irregular surface and shape of the slate leads me to see, but within the bounds of sea or landscape/tree themes.  My first few trees were those windblown trees on Dartmoor.

Gesso on slate.  Oiled wood box frame. (to see one framed, view category Gesso on Slate and scroll down)




Mostly (thus far) I have painted in oil and acrylic.  But I enjoy other media too.  So this (and others like it) I started doing a couple of years ago.  I was experimenting with layering up gesso on board for a painting of a tree and was doing it on a dark background, when a friend said, ‘that would look nice on slate’, and instantly I thought of my bits of slate picked up from the beach on holidays by the sea…So this is an example of the result.

All my work; slate drawings, frames, mounts, and assembly.  I enjoy making a few frames.  I grew up with my dad’s workshop under my bedroom (he was a cabinet maker for a while, then built house extensions/additions), and I like that I’m making a little something with wood, basic though it is.