Sunshine and colour – a joy for me smearing on that red-orange-yellow!

Oil on board, 30 x 43cm, 2017

For sale (with other lovely items!) during Oxfordshire Artweeks in May, venue 274. See online for more information.


Blue Clematis

Clematis - commission, Elphick

This was a commission by a friend who knew that I ‘was arty’ and the first oil painting I’d done after nearly a 20-year gap.  I really enjoyed doing this, and it got me back into painting more seriously, so I am thankful to my friend for asking me.

Oil on canvas. 40 x 40cm. 2003 (04?)


Morning Dew

Dew on Snowdrops

About time I uploaded something!  (What happened to March?)

This is one of a number of snowdrop drawings I spent some time on a long while ago…perhaps I shall do more; there’s something very satisfying about working with just pencil.

Pencil on paper, 2007.