Sunny Blues

Sunny Blues

Something  more recent and different: a collage. I can’t remember the last time I did a collage…could be when I was in primary school. No, wait, I think it was when I did a short course at college in the States on teaching art to children. This is mostly white tissue paper painted and torn and a couple other papers, on board, framed behind glass.

Collage, 23 x 31cm, 2014

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Mostly (thus far) I have painted in oil and acrylic.  But I enjoy other media too.  So this (and others like it) I started doing a couple of years ago.  I was experimenting with layering up gesso on board for a painting of a tree and was doing it on a dark background, when a friend said, ‘that would look nice on slate’, and instantly I thought of my bits of slate picked up from the beach on holidays by the sea…So this is an example of the result.

All my work; slate drawings, frames, mounts, and assembly.  I enjoy making a few frames.  I grew up with my dad’s workshop under my bedroom (he was a cabinet maker for a while, then built house extensions/additions), and I like that I’m making a little something with wood, basic though it is.


Sea Swell

Sea Swell

This  was a (tiny) first attempt at using a palette knife instead of brushes and I like it because I think it succeeds in capturing the feel of being out on the sea.  At any rate, it makes me feel cold and a bit queasy!  Some have wondered how I knew how to paint this as they know I get motion-sick very easily.  Done from memory from occasionally (unwisely) relenting and getting into a boat with my sailor husband!

Acrylic on canvas board, 26 x 20cm, 2009.  Sold.